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AKT programmes

The AKT programmes are focused on rebuilding structures in these four critical areas of our society
The AKT is aimed at supporting the country’s education system through our schools programme.
We are also focused on cultivating entrepreneurship through building bridges between large corporations and small business owners in our communities for skills and resources transfer programmes.
Moral fibre
We are engaged in the holistic approach to development in our communities through working with various institutions in civil society, religious, spiritual, mental health and moral regeneration spheres of our nation.
Journalism and storytelling
The AKT champions community builders, folks who work tirelessly to bring change. We aim to do this through using our platforms that highlight their impressive work.


The AKT has the nation-building programmes as its nucleus with four pillars used in executing the nation building philosophy and programmes in their different categories. The four AKT pillars are:

Nation Building Programme (1988-2018)
The 30-year-old, overarching Nation Building philosophy is at the HEART of AKT coursing through its identity, objective and heritage. It is the spinal cord of the AKT and all projects act as its limbs that focus on the holistic development and empowerment of all spheres of community life that make up society.
Aggrey Klaaste Schools
We have adopted the following schools:

  • Thusanang Day Care and
  • George Khosa Secondary School

We are focused on providing support to the SA education system and improving the standard of education in SA through our AggreyKlaaste Schools programme.

Aggrey Klaaste Journalism Council
The journalism council is an independent body focused on the betterment of the standard of journalism in SA and ensuring that the role of a free media and journalism fraternity, as a watch dog over society is not obstructed.
Aggrey Klaaste Fellowship
The AggreyKlaaste Fellowship is aimed at reversing the psychological, moral, socio-economic symptoms of Apartheid and our past. We are healing & reconciling SA whilst taking full advantage of infusing the philosophy and spirit of Ubuntu in our nation.
Aggrey Klaaste Industries
Our goal is to create a model that will ensure that proceeds generated in townships and like impoverished regions remain in these areas fostering development and improving the quality of life. We ultimately want to see material economic participation and ownership in the economy by black South Africans and subsequently grow the SA economy.


The beneficiaries of the AKT will be all the communities in which we will be implementing our key programmes including the impoverished townships of SA and our programmes will also be extended to the rural areas that are in dire need of support.
The beneficiaries of the Trust will at least be eighty five percent (85%) black people as defined in the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003 as further qualified by the Codes of Good Practice issues under section 9 (1) of that Act. Beneficiaries shall amongst others be composed of women, people living in rural areas and youth, it being the intention that half of Beneficiaries should at all times be black women.